Material Science / Condensed Matter Physics group at Physics Lab.2006


Last Update: Apr.20, 2007
Our experimental result of "Boiling Surpression of Liquid Nitrogen" are published as a article of japanese journal "Kotai-butsuri(Solid-State Physics)", Vol.42, Feb. 2007.
Physics Lab. 2006 has concluded successfully.
Thank you for your visiting and we are looking forward to meet you next year.
If you have a message or any questions, then don't hesitate to email mail.


Physics Lab. is an annual exhibition held by interested students in physics cource, UT. This exhibition is opened in the university festival (May Festival). We have 6 projects this year and this page will give you some information about Condensed Matter Physics group.
Now we are working on some problems. We will show you the results and prepare you an hands-on exhibit. You can bring your friends up to have a time of entertainment.

Visitors Guide

dateMay 27 (Sat) - 28 (Sun), 2006
10:00 - 16:00
Hongo-campus, The Univ. of Tokyo, Jpn.
...... Exhibitions are japanese only. ......
...... We have poor manner in english, sorry. .......