Weekly Topics

going clumsy way of living and longing bohemian style
—— Rainbow Song ——

Oct.17, 2008

happiness only real when shared
—— into the wild ——

Oct.13, 2008

You have to make an alternative judgment ?
—— Struggle in the cage of ones own sence. ——

Sep. 7, 2008

There's something strange but you can go your own way.
—— pleasant to be around ——

Apr.14, 2008

How to tell what works for you until try it ?
—— What get you feel daunted ? ——

Feb. 1, 2007

Don't be obsessed with seeking status & Free from binary decision.
Give top priority to smile full affectionately.
—— Lily Franky ——

Jan.10, 2007

Everything hit the fan ?
Your fate lies in your own hands.
—— Benazir Bhutto Assassination ——

Dec.27, 2007

Medical Science may be a study of "judging elders' feelings".
—— Ph.D thesis should be screened by external referees ——

Dec. 5, 2007

We can live without knowledge of Science.
Each of us takes advantage of others.
Ignorance and incuriosity are two very soft pillows.
—— Next Step of Science Agora ——

Nov.23, 2007

Thermal fluctuation serve as the driving force of lifes' activity.
Then, can we get much work done in a fever ?
—— Temperature of Brain & Activation Energy (T.Yanagida) ——

Nov.14, 2007

Who knows what is true? We are blind even to ourselves.
—— Science gives nothing more than convincing explanations. ——

Nov. 4, 2007

Be a sponge. New concepts appear as the Percolation of ideas
——— suck brains of collaborator (H.Chaté) ———

Oct.16, 2007

Don't stop running and bring each idea to fruition.
——— 10 days in Hokkaido ———

Sep.28, 2007

Science has to explore the "Colors" of Nature.
——— Don't be content to just watch the "Solution" ———

Sep.14, 2007

Just the sun has gone down, I know.
——— Tendresse & Sunset (Tokyo Incidents) ———

Sep. 4, 2007

Be enchanted by the beauty of the scenery and roasted in the sunshine.
——— from Mt.Yarigatake ———

Aug.24, 2007

We're close in spilit however long be a way off.
——— for lonely damsel ———

Aug.15, 2007

Ask questions if you want an achievement.
——— Warped Extra Dimensions (Lisa Randall) ———

Jul.28, 2007

That's your fate in the bone to watch the fate.
——— It's in the stars, maybe. ———

Jul.11, 2007

Wishes are which you pray for to come true.
Dreams are which you make action to live out.
——— Star Festival & Bamboo Branches. ———

Jul. 7, 2007

"Why, indeed ?"
whispered a Daisy to his neighbour, in a soft, low voice.
——— The Nightingale and the Rose (Oscar Wilde) ———

Jun.23, 2007

It'll take a long time to sound once broken stuff.
——— like a bird forgot how to fly ———

Jun.15, 2007

Adaptation for circumstances : How to use tools ?
——— evolution accumulated in society ———

Jun. 3, 2007

Pierre-Gilles de Gennes est mort le 18 mai 2007 à l'âge de 74 ans.
——— même d'Isaac Newton de notre temps ———

May.23, 2007

If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there ...
——— Alice in Wonderland (The Cheshire Cat) ———

May.15, 2007

How do you talk about new horizons underlied in nature ?
——— Researcher as a Story Teller ———

May. 9, 2007

Make a motion before obsess about own problems !
There is much that could be done to improve this situation.

Apr.27, 2007

He've lived a period of upheaval around the globe.
Now we enter a "quiescent" turbulent days.
——— State Funeral for for Mr. Yeltsin ———

Apr.24, 2007

I hope campuses could foster the dreams of us.
——— Tragedy at Virginia Tech ———

Apr.17, 2007